Learn about our unique marine environment all while having fun on the beach, pier and our lab!

July 16 - 20

Marine Biology has been a popular camp elective since it was introduced in 2012 and now campers will have the opportunity to attend the new Marine Biology Camp.  This camp will take place in the Marine Biology lab, beach in front of school and our pier.  This camp will be a fun educational experience for boys and girls ages 9-15.  The camp will consist of four parts:

Fieldwork on the beach:

  • Biological sampling using seine and cast nets
  • Sediment and benthic sampling using yabbie pumps and sieves
  • Plankton pulls using nets, with microscope analysis and identification in the lab
  • Rocky coast exploration using hand nets
  • Marine debris removal and data collection
  • Beach scavenger hunts

 Fieldwork on the Pier:

  • Oyster gardening
  • Water quality testing
  • Fishing with line and tackle
  • Crabbing

Lab work:

  • Dissections
  • Observations under the microscope
  • Observations in the aquarium
  • Fish Prints


  • Guest Speakers

Marine Biology Camp will be from Monday, July 16th – Friday July 20th and each session will go from 12:30 – 3:45.  The cost to attend this week is $125.  Drop off and pick up will be at Saint Stanislaus in front of the main school building which is located at 304 South Beach Blvd., Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520.  If your child will be attending Water Sports Day Camp, transportation from the ski camp will be provided at no extra cost.