We Build. We Code.

Dates: July 8-12

Coding is a skillset that is in high demand.  Computer science graduates rank second-highest in starting salaries and have multiple field opportunities like software developer, Web developer, and computer programmer.  Learning to code is similar to learning a new language, getting started at an early age will provide a competitive advantage. These advantages include improved problem solving skills, creativity, critical thinking, and persistence.  

Students who invest in coding skills learn math concepts, logic through sequencing, project design, and valuable communication techniques.  They will also be given the opportunity to use their imagination to create real solutions.

The camp will introduce students to the python programming language, JavaScript client side scripting language, and HTML5 markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web.

Students will be introduced to basic programming concepts and tested through web based games for their retention.  Each student will complete a capstone project that will build upon the skills they have learned.

Coding Camp will take place from Monday, July 8th – Friday July 12th and each session will go from 12:45 – 3:45.  The cost to attend this week is $175.  Drop off and pick up will be at Saint Stanislaus in front of the main school building which is located at 304 South Beach Blvd., Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520.