Endowments are cash funds or other financial assets that are donated to Camp Stanislaus and are meant to be invested to grow the principal and provide additional income for future investing and support the camp.

Most endowments have guidelines stating how much of each year's investment income can be spent.  For Camp Stanislaus, this amount is about 5% of the endowment's total asset value over the preceding five years.

A balance of $16,000 is needed for a Camp Stanislaus endowment to be fully funded.


  • An endowment is a fund of money or other asset donated to Camp Stanislaus. which uses the resulting income for a specific purpose.
  • Endowment funds are established in perpetuity, meaning that no end-date for the fund is set.
  • Endowments are used by Camp Stanislaus to fund all ongoing operations including camper fee assistance.