Camp Positions


Counselors In Training

Our CITs are important members to our Camp Stanislaus team.  CITs are primarily made up of former campers or Brothers of the Sacred Heart Schools.  These are young men and women who are going to be juniors and seniors in High School and are at least 16 years of age.  They fill the role of older brothers and sisters to the campers and their main job is to take the campers sailing and teach them all of the techniques needed to sail by themselves.  It is a very tough and rewarding experience as well as competitive to get a spot as a CIT.  If chosen, though, it will be a job that you remember for the rest of your life!


Camp Counselors

Being a camp counselor is one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever have.  Our counselors are the lifeblood of our camp and go everywhere with our campers.  They serve as Christian role models and leaders for the campers.  Our Counselors vary in age from recent high school graduates to graduate degree students.  Counselors must be 18 years of age and a High school graduate.  Many of our counselors come back year after year.



Instructors lead many of our different activities that we do here at camp.  Some of our more technical activities have one person completely in charge of it who knows more about the activity then our counselors.  Instructors bring their expertise in a certain area to camp to make it easier for our campers to learn.