Campers stay in our six-wing residence hall. Each wing can house 35-40 campers. This is the same dorm used by our resident students during the school year. A typical room houses three campers and has its own bathroom and shower. There is a fully functioning dispensary on the first floor as well.


Camp has a private 1,000-foot fishing pier that goes out into the Gulf of Mexico. This is where our sailing and fishing activities take place.

St. Stanislaus College Café

The Main Dining Hall has a seating capacity of approximately 300 people and it includes a 12’ x 16’ screen with a ceiling mounted projector and four 60-inch plasma televisions with cable access. Campers enjoy delicious, hot meals each day, which provide them with the energy needed for the many camp activities.

The Brother Ramon Daunis Ski Lodge

Our ski lodge is located on the nearby Jordan River. It is about a 15 minute ride by bus out to the camp where we operate our water-ski operations.

Other Campus Facilities

We also have access to the school’s 2 gyms, 3 tennis courts, swimming pool, weight room, an amphitheater (located under the café), the classroom building, and the football and baseball fields.